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Emergency workers turn up in police cars to help girl celebrate her birthday

Chloe-Louise Horne was gutted when she was told she’d have to cancel her 11th birthday party due to the coronavirus lockdown. But mum Trudy, an NHS support worker, gave her daughter ‘the best day ever’ by calling in emergency service colleagues to surprise her. Workers in two police cars, a riot van, a motorbike, two fire engines, and an ambulance, turned up outside Chloe-Louise’s home in Rushden to celebrate her special day. Trudy, 34, said: ‘I just wanted to do something for her – her party had been cancelled.

‘She couldn’t see her friends. Her best friend came to the end of the street, but they couldn’t even hug.


‘I was working extra-long hours and I just wanted to give her the best birthday I could. ‘A few days before her birthday I sent a message to Northamptonshire Police on Facebook asking if they could help. ‘I was a bit cheeky and asked if they could send some vehicles round to surprise Chloe-Louise who wants to join the emergency services one day. ‘I was being sincere when I asked the police to come but I never expected it to happen. ‘When I got a phone call warning me they would try to come I couldn’t believe it.

‘I just thought we would get a police car and wasn’t expecting the fire brigade and all the police vehicles. They were amazing. ‘There was an ambulance around the corner but it was too big for our road.