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Couple get ‘half married’ at home with dogs as their best man and bridesmaid

A couple who were forced to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic decided to go ahead and get ‘half married’ at home – with their dogs serving as best man and bridesmaid. Jacqui Paterson and Tony Hughes, both 34, had been looking forward to their big day due to take place on 15 April. But when the pandemic hit, they had to push the celebrations back until September. The couple dealt with their disappointment by having an informal ceremony at home, where they exchanged vows and dressed up – but didn’t officially tie the knot.

Jacqui, a professional wedding photographer, ordered a sequined gown online, so her other dress, which is still in the shop, will remain a surprise for the September wedding.


Jacqui and Tony now consider themselves to be ‘half married’ after exchanging rings and vows. Jacqui said: ‘We just wanted to do something to commemorate the day. ‘I am a wedding photographer so I just wanted to take a few photos of us together.’ The couple, from Shieldhill, Falkirk, met on a dating app a year-and-a-half ago, and planned their wedding for six months after getting engaged.

Jacqui said: ‘We decided to cancel a month before our wedding date. ‘We swiftly realised that a lot of our friends wouldn’t make it from overseas. ‘The lockdown then followed.’ Rather than having friends and family in attendance, the couple celebrated with their Dachshunds Max and Lola, who stepped up as best man and bridesmaid.


The couple spent the day drinking champagne, relaxing at home, and posing for half-wedding photos.


Tony, who works as a tour manager, said: ‘Jacqui looked beautiful and seeing her for the first time as a bride took my breath away. ‘I can’t wait for our real wedding in September in front of everyone we love.’ The couple hope to tie the knot officially at Inglewood House, in Alloa, Clackmannshire, on 30 September.