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Cat steals more than 50 gloves from the neighbourhood (and a pair of knickers)

When Jane Dennerly, 54, discovered a pair of gloves on her doormat, she wasn’t sure what to think. Soon gloves were coming thick and fast. She would often return from work at night to be greeted by yet another present at the front door. Along with an increasing number of gloves, there were clothes, paint brushes – even a pair of knickers.


It didn’t take Jane long to find the culprit. Her seemingly sweet cat, Bella, had been pinching items from unsuspecting neighbours in Manchester at night and bringing them back to the house. So if you live in the Prestwich area and keep losing your gloves, you know who’s to blame. It’s not a recent habit, Bella the sly kitty has been up to her tricks for the past four years. She’s even nicked surgical gloves. Let’s just hope she’s dropped that habit now we’re in dire need of PPE.


‘They just kept coming and coming,’ said Jane. ‘I have a massive bag of gloves, there are about 50 odd in there. Som of them are brand new.